At House of Barkleigh, our own experiences have led us to be passionate about natural solutions & approaches to canine health. 

Maddy's battle with fly-snapping syndrome


When Maddy was about one and a half, she began to show signs of distress, exhibiting what is called 'fly snapping syndrome'. During episodes she would turn her head, as if she was seeing flies buzz around her head, occasionally snapping at them, sometimes running around blindly as if she was terrified.

It began to occur more frequently, to the point where it was almost constant. Multiple tests on Maddy turned up nothing, and a neurologist eventually diagnosed her with idiopathic epilepsy. She was put on two anti-epilepsy drugs which increased her weight dramatically, and made her lethargic and unhappy. At first they seemed to work, and then her symptoms began to increase again. Veterinary advice was to increase her medicine to deal with the symptoms, but in a last desperate attempt  to help Maddy, and after reading research that indicated fly-snapping in dogs could be linked to intestinal issues, we fed her cookies full of ingredients clinically proven to aid digestion, reduce inflammation and promote good gut flora.  Within one week her symptoms had dramatically declined, within two weeks, they had disappeared. Slowly she was weaned off her medication, without a recurrence of the syndrome.

When Maddy was a puppy she had undergone knee surgery, and sedatives and antibiotics are known to upset the natural flora of the digestive tract. Working to undo that damage and promote intestinal health turned out to be the key to fixing Maddy.

Today she is the same happy, funny, quirky, sweet little girl that she was before her symptoms began. Her weight stopped ballooning, and her energy levels are through the roof. Which can be a little difficult at times. 

If your dog is experiencing digestion issues, we suggest you give our homemade dog biscuits a try. 

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