Frequently asked questions

Is there cheaper shipping?

As there are no artificial preservatives in our cookies, they need to be shipped to your door as quickly as possible. If refrigerated, the cookies will last easily for fourteen days after arrival - or longer. We have researched the cheapest way to get our cookies to you with little delay. All our drops are boxed and sent via Australia Post.

Are these cookies gluten free?

Our cookies are extremely low in gluten, being made from oats or brown rice.

What is fly-snapping syndrome?

Fly-snapping syndrome is characterised by a sudden turning of the head, neck extension and snapping at what appear to be invisible flies. Sometimes a dog will rush around as if frightened or in pain. For a long time fly-snapping syndrome was considered a form of epilepsy, however modern studies have indicated that in many cases, it is related to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Fly-snapping can be incredibly distressing for both dog and owner, but don't panic, if your dog's issue is gastrointestinal, with careful monitoring of their daily diet, it can be resolved! For a veterinarian's perspective on fly-snapping syndrome:

When should I feed my dog these treats?

Cookies Our cookies can be eaten at any time of the day. We recommend if your dog is experiencing digestive issues, you give them one immediately after their usual feed, and at regular points during the day. Drops We recommend that you give our drops to your dog immediately before a meal, so they are not digesting the supplements on an empty stomach.

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